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Find Me; The Kite and The Bubble

By: Kathleen Klassen

Find Me

you might find me

where The Sun Also Doesn’t Rise

because the sky keeps falling

trips over anxious clouds

you might find me

where lightning never strikes

twice, but more

sometimes often

you might find me

where he enters as raven

onlookers look on

say nothing, caw nothing, claw nothing

you might find me

between gaping sidewalk cracks

bootsteps break backs

even hardy mothers’

you might find me

in the Garden, bleeding fruit

still stings—lips, tongue, mouth

like swallowing the tide

and its moon

you might find me

under the bridge

swollen eye and a troll

(seemed so nice)

you might find me

beneath veiled drowning

bitch, hoe cement, foot-tied

no desire to reclaim

but sometimes you can find me

where the sky kisses the sea

where the sun falls madly

or the moon spills

silver-sparkled night-wakes

so many places,

just please come find me

The Kite and The Bubble

Kites graze the day’s unraveling

blues, swept away—

faint as the strand of sky’s undoing

a distant child’s laugher.

Shoreline thirsts.

Quench of a whitecap

aqua gulps to slake

golden swelters

contoured urges.

Skin hungers.

Tickle of the wind

where memory floats

oil-slicked, bubble-

bursting smiles.

Surf-swallowed shell

and pebble-wave play

chase, then bask sated trickles

delving home-going streams.

But for the wind, kite would slump

beads unshimmer motionless pops.

But for the water, sand would scald

pebble-islands, marooned.

How stirring touches

stranded beach

bubbling thankfully



Kathleen Klassen is an emerging writer who discovered poetry as a source of healing after injury. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming on, Dots Publications/Chitro Magazine, Gyroscope Review, Rise Up Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, ottawater, Dissident Voice, Alternative Field, Passager Books, Paper Dragon and In/Words Magazine and Press.

*Find Me was first published as "Everywoman" on in February 2018


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