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Exponential Public

By: Anon Baisch

The community of windows

refracts to an exponential

of whiteness :: the angle of

concrete pushed against

public :: fences thickened

again :: there are claims

that we are measured

from a center line :: the burial

of the visible :: boundaries

are the new mythology ::

there is a white-haired

god stained

with urine :: he

has a voice in pieces

that is spread over an immigrant

grass :: the bible is

constantly tended to

and revised ::

servility has a small fee

associated with compliance ::

there is no guarantee you

will be allowed

back in :: at least not in

the daytime


Anon is currently a data analyst working in the semiconductor industry for a Japanese printing company in Silicon Valley with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University who writes. Anon’s poems have been published most recently in Defunct and New Note Poetry.


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