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C.N.P Poetry 

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Dusk; Driving through Rockbank in March; Horse

By: Anicca Maleedy-Main


A mind like trouser dust

and bones that catch the light

through gaps in vision,

flow of days.

Chinks in ruffled shell,

That’s fracked by foxes,

flung at brick.

Skin blown soft

through branches

of conifer and oak.

She eats with her hand on an old friend’s ghost.

No smell exists

between her legs, no Mariners,

no mussels, kelp

drifts free like beggars

sleep in byways

safely, to exist.

This all made sense

when last those patterns,

jigsawed into thought.

She sleeps with her hand on the head of a horse.

Her mattress weight has grown to

twice its weight in thirteen years,

sunk with shellfish

sweaty beats.

Crusts of time trapped in the ticking,

ticking slow now forming burls.

She leaves with her hand on the world between words.

Driving through Rockbank in March

Curling smoke lopes

hybrid up in tongues,

road languid in the heat.

Beneath the wire,

the viscera seek space

and fleck with meat

the dust so deep it swallows hope

before the sheep.

Sky bends its back to land,

spine curled to stand

upon the line of dirt and plans

float gently from the fence

like rotting twine,

or garbage bags or time.


Muscles coil, divide me into fear and joy

I strain the spaces made by fate

his fur, my hope, his mane

expand towards horizons, over crests,

the muddy depths of dams filled in the night.

Potential worth far more

than what’s now underneath.

We could be more


later than and then,

in half an hour or when

I’m far outside this skin.

These lines of definition bind me in:

The curl of nostril breathing out

The stifle’s curve

The arc of tail through air,

that hair that sews me in.


Anicca Maleedy-Main is an Australian writer and artist, whose work often contains themes of childhood, ageing, gender, connections with animals and place. She has as MFA in Creative Writing and has had work published in Islet, Catapult Magazine, The Sleepers Almanac, Marathon Review, and Not Very Quiet Journal, among others. She lives in deep suburbia north of Melbourne with her husband, kids and dog.


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