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Don’t Fuck Your Heroes, Kid.; When a dream dies but you keep going, or Persistence

By: Sophia Noulas

Don’t Fuck Your Heroes, Kid.

Yes, yes, yes, yes

It all started when I declared that I loved reading Bukowski

and a slab was produced where a tired old man cradled his hangover

before kicking the swan next to him off the couch

angry that he did this in front of a camera as she was trying

to scrub the air and this led me to a chatroom full of fingers

other erect, pointing, parts poorly moderated

analyzing the fallacies in the fantasy of the old man

punching them saying ‘buk was not a cuck’

meanwhile a kid in a cave who lived among lions

walked out grimy into the world before pacing back

and he liked the sight and smell of birds and their shiny things

using mud to stick them under his skin

ignoring clouds praying over the hills

catching a peak before spilling and bursting

I guess his jaw must’ve slipped through red gloves

What are you looking at, Motherfuck?

didn't ruffle a feather but chipped the bathroom tile

an earthquake bouncing in a pond

meanwhile the old man finished his yelling

has satisfied his wanting head bursting

in the dark dirty humors curdling

acoustics are like that sometimes

turning a closet into a caldera

When a dream dies but you keep going, or Persistence

A Dog bit some Kid, so

they shot it, (in a heartbeat) but

the mouth clenched, so

they cut off the Dog’s body, (with a shovel) and

it still won’t let go, so

they cart the dead Head (and the screaming Kid)

to the hospital, and

the Surgeons (with gloves)

put their hand inside the skull, (like a puppet) so

the jaw would un-click, and

the Head is now gone, but

in the Kid’s knee there are still teeth (like seeds)

past the stitches, past the scar, where the Dog will not let go.


Sophia Noulas is a graduate of Fordham University's Creative Writing Program. She volunteers as a reader for Electric Literature and she has connections to Frontier Poetry, the New York Poetry Society, and Unofficial Brooklyn Poetry. She has been previously published in Chaleur Magazine, La Piccioletta Barca, and High Shelf Press. She can be followed on Instagram @sophia_noulas


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