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Divine Fire

By: Marcy McNally

Musing, I call for you, by chance, to reach and hold

your fierce, proud gaze, endlessly exploring the depths

of fathomless eyes, searching for the wisdom to ignite

the spark of destiny and illumine fires of divinity within.

I catch a falling ember that leaves but a trace of electric,

sapphire smoke, curling around a vision that I can barely

see, seldom touch, but to be scorched by the fiery arms

of the sun, sizzling in fury, blistering, like the warning

to the moth too close to flame.

Passion, I now await with cool, observant eye, embodied

in empty night hours, waiting for you, my dream to torch,

consuming all, like a war-torn corpse within gaseous fume;

soaring, I, too, release those fleshless bones, emerging from

pungent ash, escaping now, becoming, as the ethereal Phoenix,

incarnated by celestial blaze, taking winged flight, seeking

only flickering moonlight, and your incandescent return.


Florida-based writer, Marcy McNally’s extensive communications career includes award-winning, international advertising, public relations, and marketing campaigns. Her poetry, short stories, and articles have appeared in numerous print and online publications. A sampling of published poems includes “Homeless,” Vagabond Press, EXTREME Anthology,“Chekhov Reverie,” Willawaw Journal, Spring 2019, “Homage to O’Keeffe,” originally published in Tiny Spoon, Issue 1, Spring 2019 and later in Interstice, Volume 15, “Crystal snowflakes,” Haiku Journal #62, Prolific Press, Inc., April 2019, and “Taxidermist,” Lily Poetry Review, Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2019.


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