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Directions for When You Leave; I was born out of

By: Daniele Spagnolo

Directions for When You Leave

knock into comets with all

hard skin, you are mixed

of clay and dirty water. what

a nice ball. whirl away from

catchers. especially

ones with no heads

and all arms and specifically

ones who don’t lose

grip. remember your duty

to your ball. this is, never

stay still. never stay long

enough to watch sun slink

’round your back east. and

even you, beneath two

palms you are heat and

you are visiting.

Smell every corner of that house.

becoming familiar with the dust

you left in it. count every one

count millions of flakes

in your head. keep numbers

quiet and give room for a story

from each member. remember

every time you remember you

are that memory older.

Now, stand on your head.

the goal is to make your eye bags

feel as close as your legs do

running. clap once. blink

twice. spin 180 degrees

opposite of staircase. what

a nice view.

I was born out of

my own pussy hands first and never looked at another opening the same the sun was surprising that day she sang lullabies and I knew then waking up would have to be done in private. Careful with it, go slowly. I would never be allowed home. Bear mother to the farthest echo, never close enough to sharks and you paint on any ground and now they are trails, paint traveled through your whole body first, paint doesn’t want to be in tubes. Always carry extra, just in case. her laugh is never yours and still you make her lips wink, three times a day even, and this is bonding. and she knows the river well too, the river is her sister, your aunt, and they have embarrassing stories to only halfway tell, they let back then be imagined, before you, Don’t say it so loud,  before I wouldn’t be allowed to be without bleeding, quietly.


Daniele is currently studying poetry at The New School's graduate program in New York City. She is the 2018 student scholarship winner of Hippocamp Creative Non-fiction conference and Slice Literary Writer's conference; her non-fiction work has been previously published in Slingshot newspaper and her poetry was recently published in this year’s Grub Street literary magazine. Daniele is living her best cat-lesbian life amongst great friends in Queens and has no plans to ever stop crying about most things. “I feel strongly that poetry is medicinal, but much of this has to do with the intention behind the pen, the keyboard, the thumbs, what have you. Growth was my intention during my time with Directions For When You Leave, both growth and healing. With I was born out of, the goal was to explore the home I have always had. Both pieces were written during a time I needed them, and the fulfillment that comes from something I made by myself to ease pain is a feeling I want everyone to know. Make art always. “


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