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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Katya Belena


Droplets of Selene, still loyal

watching, trailing

the tide-mover

cold mother

the condition we call

moonstruck is as mundane

as dry mouth:

we disregard both

old stars, those brilliant captive

candles in dark rivers know

this naked earth is constantly

emptying, beginning


Don’t tell me the source

of that beetle wing beating

electric resonance hum

after all

angels convalescing sound

exactly like the stretch of fascia;

that temperamental songbird

don’t call it a blessing—

the open gaping holy chasm

containing all the freshness of being

closes at the whiff of a name


Deadened sound as broken discord

made whole again but without a certain

flare (the kind bringing color to cheeks and lips)

feels beyond, unreachable, unreal as

being “fine” often feels, a reminder that

okay is not a goalpost and intensity is a craving

and without it there is only a muffled

echo bouncing around a familiar vessel


Katya Belena is a Nevada-based visual artist who has a deep love and appreciation for poetry. She aims to speak to the not-quite; that which is just on the tip of one's tongue before it slips away in a thoughtless moment. She is often found enjoying good tea, walking her greyhounds, and creating abstract artwork in her downtown studio.


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