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C.N.P Poetry 

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Crickets and Generators

By: Melissa Taylor

the world is quiet

except for the nighttime symphonies

played by insects unseen

and the distant hum of generators

as they struggle

to keep food from slowly rotting

the world is dark

except for the occasional flicker

of a candle from

a pitch black window, and

a single star and

a cloud covered moon that provide a

glimmer of light

for a brighter tomorrow

only silhouettes

of houses and trees

line the block,

empty shells of

suddenly arduous lives forced

to carry on

without modern amenities

but cool air has finally

broken through

a sweltering month

and an even more

intolerable year

and despite this reprieve

and the sweet sounds that fill the


summer air,

not a single candle flame illuminates a porch

as they all

hide inside

dreading what


may bring


Melissa Taylor is an occupational therapist and single mother of two from New Jersey.


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