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C.N.P Poetry 


By: Claire T. Jennings

I say “Can you open the circles?”

And realize my mistake

as my husband turns the slow turn

of the concerned and I point to the curtains

and draw circles with my fingers

and say “curtains, I meant curtains”

as if the right word had been sitting

on a lake on a late summer afternoon 

in a small sailboat 

somewhere I have never been 

like Michigan or Mississippi. 

And my young husband smiles and 

raising one pierced eyebrow

opens the curtains 

as a bird circles 

quietly in my brain,

looking for a place to land.


Claire is a writer and photographer living in Los Angeles. She was chosen to perform in the Los Angeles storytelling festival and has been a guest speaker at the University of Santa Barbara Literary Symposium.

Claire has been published in the Eastern Iowa Review and in their Best Lyric Prose Anthology, Dreamers Creative Writing and Chaleur magazine. Her lyric essay “In the Hollow of a Mother” was nominated in 2018 for The Pushcart Prize, The Best of the Net and Best American Essay.


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