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C.N.P Poetry 

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At the Time of Night

By: Sophia Goodfriend

At the time of night

when fog rolls off the lake

and thickens at the window,

heavy with dandelions turned to seed,

I revisit my grave.

A series of impressions

assembling over the landscape

of my bare ceiling.

This is the past imposing itself.

A young girl discreetly emptying herself

into plastic water-bottles.

A mother asking her daughter,

withered in the back seat,

if she intends to die.

Interfering flesh flushed down toilets

or spit up into bushes on the side of the road.

At the time of night when

the moon heaves like a

searchlight, a hand extends

from the grave as if awaiting payment.

An honorarium

to hunger.

I assemble my body

as a record of debts paid

and wait for the sun to rise.


Sophia Goodfriend is a writer and anthropologist in training from Seattle, WA. Her writing has appeared in Jewish Currents, High-Shelf Press, Litro Magazine, and elsewhere.


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