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C.N.P Poetry 

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at shoshone point

By: Rucker Manley

returning to the abandoned thrones of god

where he reveals his drift; holy transience exposes

the unconquerable scars of earth

where even the monarchal waves of light and sound

kneel at the sheer magnificence of nothing

this is the time machine

the great factory of water

where we are able to answer the most essential question:

what would it mean if we had never arrived,

if there were no bangs and whimpers

to wipe away the sacrosanct experiments of wind and rain?

soon other ghouls come to bear witness;

my commune with nothingness is stolen

and i relent, to offer them the same opportunity

to be crushed


Rucker Manley is a writer living in Los Angeles, California, by way of South Georgia and Boston, Mass. They spend most of their time trapped in headphones or arguing with their cat. Weekends are for writing poetry and making cheese and jam, but every day is ripe for telling stories.


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