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Agoraphobia & The Fear Of Light; Not As Easy As It Looks

By: D.R. Shipp

Agoraphobia & The Fear Of Light

A matter of science

and chance: as the sky falls,

love rises. All the fears

that make you tremble—

the end of everything,

etcetera—send a quiet

signal, an undiscovered

element. Let it illuminate you.

Step from shadow,

from the room where you hide

imagining a crack for light,

imagining light.

Not As Easy As It Looks

A belt will do. A scarf. A bath, warm and forgiving. A friend used a shotgun and escaped through an inglorious hole. Some can no longer carry the sky above them, the mind restless and meditation proof, scanning its horizon for a pearl to grind. There are forces greater than forces and in this moment, which feels like all moments pulled together,  there are wild rushes, there are still furrows, even before the loneliness that sails through the night like an axe.


D.R. Shipp is a man surfacing for air, a writer surfacing. His work is found in select anthologies and online with pending publications in HCE Review, Silver Needle Press, 3Elements Review and Waxing & Waning. He splits his time between the US and the UK, between now and then. His work can be found on instagram @shippwreckage


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