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C.N.P Poetry 

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Afternoon at an Aesthetic Clinic

By: Jessica Tan

We will help you lose ten pounds and get your honey back. We’ll break bones and stick plastic glue. We’ll give you pink berries for your belly, egg whites so you can flex your babies. It’s a guarantee. You’ll finally have your Barbie-envy summer-body. So come in you, humans that have been called animal names. We’ll treat you like actual cows. Pigs. We’ll take out a rack of ribs or a gallon of lard, for taste. We’ll train you to work the land, make you pull two tons a week. Then we’ll tell you stories of a woman, dead without legs. Her body found melting on a Persian rug, with giggles echoing the slam of her coffin. Just because we all know that tubby did not deserve a kiss.


Jessica Tan is an MA in Creative Writing Student. Originally from Indonesia, she currently resides in Singapore. Some of her poetries have appeared in the Eunoia Review. "The topic of beauty comes up a lot in my daily life, through conversations with friends and, especially, through the Internet. Because of this, I noticed that a lot of people in general are pressured, in a way, to maintain a certain standard of beauty. So, I wanted to highlight this issue, because I personally disagree and think that there are other things that are more important in life than beauty. Aesthetic clinic refers to the man-made or edited images of unattainable beauty that may create these insecurities.”


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