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Activate your ‘bliss molecule’; How to Reverse Hair Loss...; The reason you can’t keep...

By: Jasper Glen

Activate your ‘bliss molecule’

An event that induced a blissful feeling:

executing the birth of a child;

a flawless partner;

A chocolate, blissfully revered

by the very heart of Sadhguru.

Don’t mistake what you’ll learn as poetic.

You’ll be validated by modern science.

There is a formula for bliss.

Anandamide- aka the ‘bliss molecule’

plays a crucial role.

You’ll not only learn how to activate life permanently,

but once you gain the right perspective,

you’ll never experience it again.

The power of playfulness in a world full of pain.

If you’re overwhelmed by stress,

work with your inner chemistry.

Banish it permanently, for a second.

The most profound child you had

Texts. You’re overwhelmed- completely

Erase it.

How to Reverse Hair Loss for Men and Women

I was in Joshua Tree National Park

attending a Peyote ceremony with Native

Americans, and befriended a guy there named John.

I couldn’t help noticing how incredible his hair looked.

“My barber said I was a bit thin on top.”

That’s when things started exploding.

If you have a bald patch and want to clear it,

John will blow you away.

Hair is ceremonious anyway.

If you are a man or a woman,

you already have a Face.

Every picture here is genuine.

Scroll down and scan these pictures.

We’ve blocked all the Faces

but Members literally regrew.

Since adopting John, I have noticed

my hair thicken too. Amazing isn’t it.

Reversing hair loss is possible.

If you have a bald patch and want to clear it,

Reserve your spot today. By the way,

You should be aging this weekend.

Huge congrats.

The reason you can’t keep your healthy habits

Whether behaviours happen

consciously or unconsciously,

By accident or design

You are not simply a pre-existing self.

You are a Crisis of Identity.

The old self is best-selling.

It is the type of person that works

With highly motivated targets.

Identity Shifting and Altered State Programming.

Atomic Habits, James Clear

Three layers of behaviour change:

Clear the layers of change: identity.

Imagine being able to download new identities into your mind.

Imagine life without any of the usual will.

Imagine being able to struggle effortlessly.

The million dollar question- how?

The best way to adopt a new identity

Is to download new apps onto your phone.

A slightly less sucky way- work out

Three times a week.

But these are advertisements.

If you’re seeking to be the type of person

Who works out three days a week,

Change your identity to a person

Who works out three days a week.

I invite you to join myself, health prodigy,

And a host of other top minds in human longevity

Including: Steven, Mark, and Ben.

Be warned, this may change you forever.

See you at the Life Seminar this Saturday and Sunday.

Keep Evolving,



Jasper Glen is from Vancouver, BC. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a JD. His poems appear or are forthcoming in Posit, BlazeVOX, AGOTT, Amsterdam Quarterly, Tofu Ink, fauxmoir, Phantom Kangaroo, NiftyLit, and other journals.


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