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C.N.P Poetry 

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Absolute zero and the Bose-Einstein Condensate

By: Michelle Wilson

Your address is clear, still

we can’t seem to ever reach you at home

liquid hydrogen lives close

liquid helium even closer

we knock a billionth nearer to you

opening the door


We know

all that would gather there

lose their sense of self

with that of a neighbor’s

atoms acting in unison

accepting the energy of the other

communing, transmuting,

inexplicably metamorphizing into one

and yet, here, in the warmer world

we continue the exploration

to become this cold ourselves

as the ice melts around us

we recognize that nothing

else matters so much


Michelle Wilson is a poet who believes that love is all that matters. She has a Ph.D. in Spanish and aspires to conscientiously live in gratitude. She's published in "Pearl," "Nevada Poets 2009," and "The Inquisition." She’s working on a book of baby poems.


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