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A Sabbath Stopping; Death is not the end of the story; Their lives lie hidden

By: Christa Lubatkin

A Sabbath Stopping 

on this day

we do not recognize 

the broken parts

the disquieting future   

lurking in bones 

flesh and frontal lobe

on sabbath we dance

man and wife

in the arms of memories 

as if diagnosis had not  

been pushed across the desk 

death not mentioned

Death is not the end of the story 

long gone are those

who came before me

but for their presence

in my gangly bones 

wispy hair lips drawn tight

easy teasing smile  

I am the stern banker

who died too soon

in war’s trenches

my obsession 

with facts and numbers

is his unseen gift tucked   

into my swaddling blanket

I am the baker 

who carried 

my grandmother’s baskets 

the smell of yeast

from rising dough 

under a tea towel

hands and face

lightly flour-dusted

lifts my mood

I am Justine

who in 1879 rose

from digging in potato

fields and signed 

her name with German Xs

an unlikely beginning     

of my deftness with a pen

I am my children

who’s traits are packed

under their skin

from kin buried 

across the sea 

swagger of misdeeds

heroic survival

and a country brought 

to it’s knees 

are firmly woven

into familial tapestry

Their lives lie hidden

I came upon her

the orange-pride majorette

her young face

earnest with a need      

to please, earnest 

with worries

of home where the fist

rules and drink 

swallows reason

youthful blush

hides the lone hours

the cold house

fridge on empty

I came upon the orange

pride of belonging

ever so briefly

to a cause

for cheering


Christa was born in war, raised through post-war poverty and finally landed in the country of everyone’s dreams, where she moved and moved again. For someone who never lingers long, writing short poetry is a natural fit.

As one of her fellow poets once said, Christa’s work shines a light on darkness. Her poetry has appeared in The Patterson Literary Review, Haunted Waters Press (Splash), The Blue Guitar and Goodreads, Desert Voices, The Write Launch. Away from her writing table she likes to hike, dance, and enjoy the company of good people.


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