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A Quiet Breath

By: Gabriel Ess

In night’s supreme stillness, when life sheds its skin

Of passionate violence, of tumult and clamor and toil

That rages in thoughts of what has been and what will be,

And yields to the grip of a single breath

I detect the subtle pulsations of a quiet pedal tone

A vibratory bonding that supervenes mere Being

The erotic murmur and harmony of the earth

That breathes her music in an attentive soul

Her supple rose petals grow wet and languid

And lambent in the freshness of the morning dew

Trees don their gowns of golden green, and songbirds

sing paeans and poetry of the morning.

I write these words with a cherished hope

That I may not attend the prick and prod, the thrust

Of the Eastern hills, nor indulge the sea in the West

But rather the wind! The trees, the birds, the flowers, the waves –


Gabriel Ess, 29, is a music teacher living in North DFW in Texas, where he spends his time with close friends, hiking, playing music, reading his favorite books, and writing.

"This poem was written as a response to an unease, a friction - an urgency that came with a new perspective on the way in which I had lived my life thus far. My late teens and the bulk of my twenties were spent in my head and in various books, and as I began to get older and my vitality began to slip, spending time alone in my own thoughts seemed a remarkably less important endeavor, and the awareness of experiences that I had been missing had never been more distinct. I am chronically plagued with worry, both about what has already transpired and what could happen to me. As I attempted to shift my perspective to now, and wrestled with the prospect of letting go of certain things, this poem was made as a catharsis, and a hope that I would be able to do so."


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