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C.N.P Poetry 

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A Poem

By: Alyssa Tanafranca

I am a complete gorgeous forest

Composed of clumps of trees and wildflowers and bushes and rough shrubs

Together with beautiful fallen branches and leaves just lying in my mud comparably a careful Lucifer

I am a wonderful wanderlust full of hefty and unbreakable woods everyone desires

I have all the long climbing greenery of vines cascading like a waterfall reversibly

I am so powerful no loggers dare to break my trunk or even strive to enter the darkest center of me

Everyone that has ever tried to kiss and linger my caress can succeed and shall take the fruit at home

It was July when you approached as burning debris and went to me imbricating the light of the pretty sun

And you're a different kind of heat that can wild and stray me

You were there all disguised like singing fire burning my little leaves and turning them to ashes smoky colored than a rotten leaf

Destructive as I can imagine, dangerous as you can be I dared to let you in

You were more than the heat that I expected and shall regret for wanting more than the fancy sun itself

I have wished to have a pleasure of weight from a flaming light and I received an exaggerated burn

A wildfire, I got, is a soul taking risk I have experienced in years of standing vigorously until you destroyed everything I am

There is no home for me and in me since you dismantle it all and I undesirably let you because you're an inevitable source of warmth

Call yourself a wildfire as you destroy my being and the forest I built myself likely therefore there is every point of hating you

You're naturally harmful


Guilty for writing poetry that bleeds, Alyssa Mickhaela Tanafranca is a young Asian writer. The author has two main objectives in life; to be a successfully publish a book and to be a lawyer. She is currently a senior high school student and has plans to take pre-law soon. Alyssa also participates in writing fiction and short stories but her focus is mainly on poetry. This is her first poem to be officially published.


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