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C.N.P Poetry 

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A false sense of urgency

By: Azriel Cervantes


The feeling you get when a trivial task feasts on your desire to demonstrate societal worth and amplifies your fear of inadequacy and perpetual disrepute.


A fastidious student, rushing through a timed assessment—obscuring their insecurities with a vapid, incoherent mumble and a quieted perfectionism.


A dissatisfied grocery clerk, vigorously stacking yogurt along the dairy aisle, dismayed by their substandard pace despite the leisure of their coworkers.


A dishwasher scrubbing burnt cheese and grease off of a battered pizza pan, hoping to beat the one o’clock crowd of two high schoolers and a pensioner.


The moment you realize that a visual display of effort isn’t an authoritative depiction of competence, yet the rest of the world still requires it from you.


Azriel Cervantes is a writing and design professional with ASD living in the mountainous state of Colorado. He currently writes web content for dozens of law firms throughout the United States. Azriel's poems have been featured in the Haunted Waters Press publication SPLASH! and The Plentitudes Journal. His obsessions with nature, music, history, and psychology are what primarily influence his work. When not researching legal statutes, he spends his free time writing poetry, practicing various instruments, and taking care of his pepper garden.


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