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C.N.P Poetry 

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#8; #11

By: Ann Pedone

I’ve stopped pretending that I am ok with the

Way things are

I’m tired of always saying please and

Thank you

I want to skip the parent teacher

Conference I know that the dog needs water

You already told me

That I need to check the mail

I am fully aware that my hips crack

Occasionally and my neck didn’t look

Like this a year ago and yes, the skin around my

Ankles has started to sag I want to

Forget to buy toilet paper I don’t care if the oil needs to be changed

I want to hike up my skirt and lay in the sun until my thighs

Burn I want to

Put my fingers in your mouth and feel you

Suck them

I want to let the car run out of gas

I don’t want to pay the water bill I’m going to

Rip up the map

I’m going to go a week without milk in the house

I want to feel the moon fall into my hands

I want to pull the petals off of this rose and eat them

Don’t tell me that age is just a number

Don’t tell me I have to wait to cross the street

Don’t tell me there’s always tomorrow

Lay with me here

Lay with me here in this bed and let me wrap my

Legs around you and I will

Feel the sky


Through me

Yellow to


To blue

Love is not consolation, wrote Simone Weil

Love is


The business of these words keeps

Me awake at night makes me

Want to tear down these walls and return

To something warm and


Something like the sea maybe

The Mediterranean

I want my life to be simple and yet all

Night I am putting away poems in boxes storing

Them for you to read I want you

To take them out and

Read them somewhere in the sun

Under a different kind of light but

I know

I know sometimes you think my face is too pretty for these

Pieces of me

These pieces I want to pick them up and carry

Them in my skirts across the field to give to you

So you can see that there is still

Some moonlight

Here between my legs can you see it

You will never be


My valentine, my sky will only darken your hands I am

Building a bower here in my body a place where you can

Rest your head we sometimes don’t get to

Choose whom we love but I

Want to keep the water you have poured into me


Ann Pedone graduated from Bard College with a degree in English Literature and has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature from UC Berkeley. Ann is the author of the chapbooks The Bird Happened (Leave Books), perhaps there is a sky we don’t know: a re-imagining of sappho. (Cup and Dagger Press) as well as the forthcoming DREAM/WORK and Everywhere You Put Your Mouth (Halas Press.) Her work has recently appeared in multiple journals including Riggwelter, Big City Lit, Contemporary Verse 2, The Phare, West Trade Review, The Open Page Literary Journal, Slipstream, Rogue Agent, The French Literary Review, SAND, and The Shore.


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