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C.N.P Poetry 

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9 to 5 Ghazal

By: Steve Barichko

going forward please advise using the most recent email in the chain

instead of hiding in the handicap stall with a book

there are ducks both in the woods and here on the only grass in the office park

why choose here when you don’t have to choose

in the supply closet someone has arranged the punch cards of the quit fired

or dead in a penitent row beneath boxes of company letterhead

try an office fling but she’s dutiful in her work and in the impenetrable

suburban legacy dates only sons of family friends

human resources would like to meet with you to discuss why

you only punch out and never in do you know how clocks work

i didn’t join the union but did the next best thing which is get time and a half

to fix matches for the interoffice slow pitch softball league


Steve Barichko is from Terryville, CT. His work has most recently appeared in Barren Magazine and Honey and Lime Lit and is forthcoming in Doghouse Press. He lives in Terryville with his wife and daughter.

He can be found @stevebarichko.


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