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April 2020


Then there’s the new moon—

like a button torn

from the suit you’ll be buried in.


I quit making art. 

Instead I made money.

I made so much money 

money did not mean 

anything anymore.

So I bought up the art:

good art, bad art, all of it.

I went to the beach with 

my art and a woodchipper,

turned its dial to FINE. 

The flecks alighted on the sand 

like insect ghosts.


A Daughter in Parts (Part III)

Daughter as pill-popper, as piss-ant, as jaw-dropper


Daughter eating curds and whey all day everyday. Daughter 

as brown spot on the inside of the arm, as brown 

bag, as old hag.


Daughter as joke, as gag, as punching bag. 


Daughter as snail without shell, as beached whale.


Daughter as little miss Muffet complete with her tuffet. 


Daughter as failed test, must remediate, as jail-bate, as fish-bait, worm

wriggling on the line.

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The Book of Night & Waking


Clif Mason 


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Clif Mason's epic book-length poem is now available! 

that one time we were almost people


Christian Czaniecki 


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Debut poetry collection by Christian Czaniecki




Ian Cappelli


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"The poems in this collection are sharp, fiercely intelligent, multi-faceted, and, best of all, deeply-considered. Quick moving and thinking, these are truly poems that belong to our current world, which demands critical thought and nuanced artistry. While the collection meditates on the homogeneity of a suburban world, the voice of this emerging poet is anything but ordinary."                                                                                                                                        

    --July Westhale, author of Via Negativa & Trailer Trash

Something To Cry About

A chapbook by 

Robert T.Krantz

Available Now


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"There is such eternal longing in these poems of Robert Krantz. A series of gorgeously rendered, honest laments about the world and our place in it. Pleas for acceptance, for forgiveness, for just one moment of seeing without the blinders on, with a clearer vision. The world is composed of both darkness and light, and we are no different. Bloodied knuckles and skinless mice balanced against luminous wheat fields and a night sky that’s almost worth praying to. Almost. This is Krantz’ gift. His revelation. He challenges us to see, perhaps even celebrate, the almostness of our nature. He wounds us; he shows us ways to heal from those wounds."



  • John Sibley Williams, author of As One Fire Consumes Another

Fever Dream/Take



Valyntina Grenier

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Valyntina Grenier's book is two poetry collections in one!

God's Love Is Very Busy


David Seung

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"Seung reintroduces us to ourselves through his richly particular yet powerfully identifiable and broad and human portraiture. Again and again we are invited into complex and divergent expressions of human experience, resulting in a heterogeneous testimony of meaningful life."


Our Poetica

An anthology of 

Ars Poetica

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