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The Weather Man
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Roger, when I finally snap and you find me

raving like a madman in the frozen street,

tell our friends it’s better this way, I’m happier,

now that I no longer have to pretend.


Think of all the years I acted as if 

I cared about recycling, saving for that rainy day, 

how many calories I could save by eating kale,

what that client really thought about my work.


The weather inside and the weather outside 

never matched, forming a pressure zone so high, it could snap 

the Brooklyn Bridge in two. Think of what it did to me. 


Roger, when they cry and say it’s a shame, set them straight. 

Tell them the sun finally shone on both my sides, 

and the rain — oh, how lovely when the rain came pouring in.

Poems by PJ Krass have appeared in journals that include Rattle, American Journal of Poetry, Atlanta Review, Stickman Review, Connecticut River Review, Chaleur and New Verse News. His poem “All Dressed in Green” has received a Pushcart Prize special mention. PJ teaches at The Writers Studio, where he recently created an online workshop for writers over 50. He’s also the poetry co-editor of an anthology, The Writers Studio at 30 (Epiphany Editions, 2017).