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Size: 6' X 9'

Pages: 42

Available: Now

Price: $12.00

What are people saying?

     "The poems in this collection are sharp, fiercely intelligent, multi-faceted, and, best of all, deeply-considered. Quick moving and thinking, these are truly poems that belong to our current world, which demands critical thought and nuanced artistry. While the collection meditates on the homogeneity of a suburban world, the voice of this emerging poet is anything but ordinary."

--July Westhale, author of Via Negativa & Trailer Trash

     "Each of these poems is a ludic subterfuge, countering the mindless destruction of the late capitalist enterprise with daft cunning, acrobatic humor, and brilliant irreverence. Cappelli's crafty poems are designed to crash your expectations of how "good poetry" should behave. They subvert the alleged rationality of the world with a heavy dose of madness. Their music alone will consume you."

-- Zack Finch, author of Chiasmus & Ten Ounces