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C.N.P Poetry 

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Writing Poetry

By: John Johnson

I am a 2-year old throwing my milk bottle on the floor.

I am a toll-taker dispensing coins to travelers without exact change.

I am throwing your clothes out the window screaming “I hate you!”

I am an acutely aware, overweight nude studio model self-consciously posing.

I am a seagull gliding above the wet dogs prancing on the beach.

I am an elementary school librarian placing each book into neat little cubbies.

I am a starving graduate student donating blood for beer money.

I am a teenager soaking wet after Ronnie Lipson threw me in the gym shower.

I am a bartender dispensing advice freely while the kitchen is on fire.


John Johnson is a poet from McLean, Virginia. He enjoys writing about interesting details of every day life.

"I participate in a weekly writing circle in which we practice free writing without judgement. This practice has become such an important part of mining ideas for my writing, and this poem reflects all the different mindsets and emotions that poetry can evoke. I write to grapple with complex (and at times, not so complex) feelings and situations, and being willing to express myself freely no matter what the subject was my mindset when I crafted this poem."


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