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What of My Mother, Elodia?

By: Elodia Esperanza Benitez

Nettle cried down to Rock

And Rock later recalled to Beetle

Who visits us in our decay

What of our mother, Elodia?

Have she any words

For the little birds

Who still carry her song?

O’ Pale Earth

May I call upon our mother

Still longed for above?

May I ask

What say she

To those longing

Who still paint

In the colors of her days

Answered Pale Earth

The errand is in vain

Her bones rest

Her spirit carried away

On wind of night

Say instead

To look for her reply

In the air

That keeps little birds aloft

In the warmth of sun

In the firm weaving

Of a daughter’s braid

In the steam

Curling up from avena

Tell them to look no further

Than themselves

Who are the remnants

Of a heart long since

Dedicated to Earth


Elodia Esperanza Benitez is a Mexican American poet, born and raised in Gilroy,CA. She attended Mt.Madonna Cont. High School. She enjoys writing for and about her community.


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