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C.N.P Poetry 

Vigilant Echo; Cold Horrid Movies; Gurgled Reason

By: James D. McCallister

Vigilant Echo

Vigilantly echoing his half-inventory,

the only tremendous scheme of the 

frowning concept drive calls the last 

chin, another hostile experience;

You swore to thank her, capable 

bulging bummer you’ve started, 

slapping with the crazy tingle pair;

now now love sister, speak alive this fish 

Leaking wild dripping hootenanny 

syrup, recall dating the exhibition 

OUCH favorite, with roiling intimacy 

perceived as fantasy hell

Complete face movies push a window 

complex and make a floor feel; 

unspool intuition, rue the sure 

greasy betrayal energy and blue-up trust 

Cold Horrid Movies

Breathless blood movies on

the long screen, week-old words as

your spirits come cold-horrid 

Protective entertainment 

hinges these projectors, 

the sort you sew

The perplexed mild involuntary 

intermingling flourishes 

threaten your hand

Burn across corners

when stumbling inherent;

get to grown you

Gurgled Reason

Heart-gurgled reason

with the swell energetic 

it-drugs they’d taken 

all deserted summertime 

with garbage fading 

at creamy house projection; 

he sports being for sense

and gleams golden with 

the see-info another saw 

upstairs; “own it and

know your eyelids,”

comes his errant advice 


James D. McCallister, the author of seven indie novels and a short story collection (and as editor of a volume of poetry), is a past winner or finalist for awards from the South Carolina Writer’s Association, SC Fiction Project, Pearl Magazine, the Faulkner Society, the Saturday Evening Post, the Raw Art Review and The Jasper Project. He adjuncts in creative writing at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC, where he lives with his wife Jenn and beloved brood of cats, muses all. For more information:

"The poems are generated from a cut-up engine run on my own previously published literary fiction, after which the resulting language stack is mined for imagery and music. Next, the results are sifted and honed through adjustments to tense, punctuation and word choice until poetry emerges. No big whoop."


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