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Unsayable; The Passing of Poodles

By: Frank Finney


‘… And when words go,

Nothing much remains’. Martin Amis

The therapist told me 

to find my voice

as if I hadn’t been looking

even when she wasn’t.

It turned up one day

in a gallery 

on Orchard Road,

but I lost it again

on the plane to Paris,

drowning out the turbulence

with a twist-off Chablis.

The solo in the bone shop

nearly sent me to the bughouse.

I sat there scratching, 

not saying a word.

Two months later I was back to work

nodding and scribbling,

not saying a word.

The Passing of Poodles

(quatre vignettes pour les caniches)


Nanette: hit on a holiday

by a cowboy in a Mack who cursed his luck

before driving away.


Monique: mowed down in the middle

of Old Great Road by a woman in a wagon

wearing socks that glowed.


Charee: my favorite, lived the longest

of the three till she was struck down

with epilepsy.


Three dogs take turns now, walking me,

when I visit their bones

at the pet cemetery.


Frank William Finney was born in Massachusetts and educated at the University of Massachusetts and Simmons University (formerly Simmons College). HIs work has appeared in over 100 publications including RE:AL—The Journal of Liberal Arts (Texas), The Maryland Poetry Review, (USA), Orbis: an international quarterly of poetry and prose (UK), Paris/Atlantic (France), Offerte Speciale (Italy), The Nation (Thailand), and The Best of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Australia). He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is a senior lecturer at Thammasat University.


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