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St. Lucy, Who Feeds the Fish

By: Geneva Zane

If I could give you anything,  it would be all the details in the world,  all the colors you can chew on.  Pray to St. Lucy, her wire glasses  and her faded blue jeans,  six drops of yellow paint from when she was a painter,  moss green t-shirt from her fifth first love.  Pray to St. Lucy’s Honda Civic; pray to the change in the center council,  the CDs in the passenger seat,  the guitar case in the trunk and the guitar inside,  six strings and sixteen frets and one chip in the paint,  one hole in the fear.  St. Lucy wants to write down everything that ever happened  exactly the way it happened  in a black spiral sketchbook,  another gift from another girl,  with a stain on the front from where she stepped on it  in her dark red shoes, the ones which never fit  and never will.  But oh!  The joy of St. Lucy  when she is leaning over the wooden fence,  her t-shirt bunching over her stomach,  bone-red koi fish leaping for what she has,  what she has brought them  today on the day of days!


Geneva Zane received her BA in creative writing from Bard College in 2018, where she received the Lockwood Prize in Creative Writing. Her novel, Stringbean and the Grace of Dog, was a finalist in the 2018 Fence Modern Prize in Prose: Literature Appropriate for Children, and will be published by Pink Narcissus Press in Summer 2019. She has been published in PCC Inscape, Chronogram, The Perch, and Hanging Loose magazine. She lives in the Hudson Valley, by the river.


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