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Sonnet #1, or I wish I could’ve saved my frame and put it on a wall

By: Yavaria Ryan

I love this juicy stomach and all the flabs,

and yes I used to have abs but that don’t

matter now. I have aged and things won’t

last. I have aged and things have dragged,

I mean drooped and sagged and this bag

is filled with clothes of another life where I hoped

I’d always be this skinny ass girl that used to caress her bones

Especially the one beneath her collar. I ask,

will my body have the last laugh when I hang

my old frame on a wall that’s cracking and lacking

foundation? Will one nail knock the whole wall down?

Will the wall open up the room and silence all this pain?

I am searching for what happens when I let go of all this baggage,

and the memory of my body’s old weight drowns.


Yavaria Ryan received her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. Her poems have appeared in The Write Launch, and she has read her poems in several venues. Yavaria currently resides in Georgia, but loves traveling around the world, writing, and reading as many books as she can.


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