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sleeping dragons

By: Gavin Yates

look which sleeping dragons, sleep states here. rapid voltage: all camera.

flicker at high-frequency. say your genius is the outstretched arm

of technology with newfound bacterium; had dates better, planned closely.

vertebrae spinach pioneers

on the side of years, rollerblades. the sun world. the across phase is simply bona fide, puzzled there aren’t other reptiles

controlled sacrifice kilometres from the mayor: a modest co-author scissored.

do mosquitoes extreme flowers need uniform if thousands will conquer?


Gavin Yates is a doctoral candidate at Monash University. His research involves charting the history and use of surrealism in Australia poetry. His writing has been published in Colloquy: text theory critique, Cordite Poetry Review, flash cove, foam:e, Otoliths, and Westerly, among others. He can be found on twitter: @isgavinyates

"‘sleeping dragons’ uses language techniques of dada and surrealism: accidental combinations and fractured syntax aim to release the poem’s hidden energy and rhythm. The recording samples and heavily distorts an instrumental my brother and I composed in 2011."


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