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C.N.P Poetry 

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Selfies in the Sun; Melons

By: Bobby Williams

Selfies in the Sun

My eyelashes are vibrant.

I’m driving.


Blinking and laughing.

Bitch don’t look at me.


Snap one in the car.

Driving ‘em crazayy.

Bathroom break at my hot ass job.

Washing my hands in the sink.

Eyes also vibrant.

Pouting my lips.


Hand on my hip.


Snap one in the bathroom.

Lookin’ like dat shit.

A snack of sushi.

I snack on sushi.

Eat that.

Snap the sushi.


Kendra take a pic of me snacking this sushi.



Pouting my lips.

You’re so jelly.

Look at my feet on the beach.


Look at this corona.

My corona.

In front of the sunset-

My sunset.

Look at my face in front of my sunset.

Look at me looking at my face drinking my corona in front of my sunset.


Have you ever smelled melons

at the farmer’s market in the park?

They don’t smell like anything.

You hafta saw them in half.

It’s only then that you’ll know if you have a good one…

or a bad one.

A bad melon can make you insane.

After you went to the market for whatever reason

and thought ‘fuck it, why not a melon’

and examined it to the best of your ability

and nodded back and forth with the farmer about it 

and paid for it

and bagged it up

and carried it, the weighty burden,


                                                        the way


Only to cut it open…

And discover….



Bobby Williams was born immaculate, risen from a still-life painting called "Hounds on a Hunt." The transition from timeless, still object to vigorous, animated human was difficult to say the least. Townsfolk feared the foreign boy, roaming from field to field in search of his hounds and his home--the one with the thatched roof. As legend has it, Bobby was forced to get an education, a hell in which he is still fiscally imprisoned...during his twenty-eight years of schoolin' he discovered art and could be seen grinning like a possum eating a sweet tater, it was innate in him, he has been trying to turn himself back into art ever since. He lived inside the book "Two is for You" (Open Books 2015) for a long time...go buy it and's silly and obscene and solves many of the problems in America today. Smile and be kind.


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