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Rules of a Woman

By: Maria Prudente

These are the rules of a woman.

On Friday fly back to New York City from your cousins wedding. Do your work all day until you think

about your night.

Text him. Text him when it’s a good time to come over. Put on a pot of coffee. Take a shower at 8 o’clock.

This is how you take a shower before you meet a man.

Use the sharpest razor to shave all the hair off your body. Use the nice soap and shampoo. Apply your

makeup quickly, dry your hair to perfection. Crunch and make it wavy.

Put on clothes easiest for removing. This is how you become a woman.

This is how you feel happy.

Take a car to his apartment on 2nd Avenue. This is how your bodies bend. This is why he’s perfect. This is

how you remember you have a body. Spend the night talking. This is why it should end.

This is how you lie on your side. This is how you feel a hug. This is how you feel a hug from behind. This

is how you remember what a hug feels like.

This is how you sleep. This is how you sleep alone with someone in a bed.

This is how you feel happy.

This is how you date a man. This is how you date a man who doesn’t care about you.

This is all you get.


Maria Prudente is a writer and actor in New York City. She currently attends Columbia University.


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