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Like Majesty

By: Alexej Savreux

As the hack gods chew your white veils

And where the sky is hell style

I slung there hanging in the hammock of venereal disease

I’m a struggla

And yet, like majesty, the dawn is heartbreaking


Alexej Savreux is a 29 year old artist transplanted from the Czech Republic to Vermont, and now living and working out of Kansas City, MO. He works in education, advocacy, and research and enjoys all things creative as his life's work. He is the author of the poetry book "Eat Me & Other Short Poems".

"This poem was written about a kind of psychological & mystical landscape I found myself in. I was in a psychiatric facility and so there was a kind of melancholia that transfigured into bittersweet nostalgia when this was jotted down. Basically, my state of mind was a fragile but resilient one, smoking a cigarette as I watched the sun rise over a highway in Kansas during a smoke break at the hospital. The reference to venereal disease is a metaphor for the disease of the mind and the words, (as Aeschylus once proclaimed, that affliction's "physician"). 

Additionally, the phrase "I'm a struggla" is akin to my desire to be someone who remains & keeps on, no matter how difficult life may get. And that's wisdom I impress upon anyone who is willing to listen. In Rastafari and reggae culture (Iyaric linguistics, I believe) I believe "struggla" would be the term for such a person (although I'm not 100% sure on that). Lastly, the line about the "dawn being heartbreaking", well, there's a certain mystery to human emotion that is inexplicable in its own way. So for that, just read it as it is -- however your mind, heart, and soul intends this mystery to be found."


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