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From Now On

By: Marlene Woods

From now on

I shall make love to you

on paper,

through my verses

because your disposition to love me

and my patience

for you

to reciprocate my affection

have taken opposite paths

in direction to our bed.

Good night forever,

my love.


Marlene Woods writes and administers a bilingual (English & Spanish) poetry and photography blog at On Social Media she can be found @MarlaWien

"'From Now On' was born out of the poet’s tendency to 'punish the wrongdoer.' After a disagreement with her husband, she felt the most efficient consequence for his (mis)behavior was for her to find alternative sleeping quarters.

The consequence only lasted one night, but the perceived power of punishing a loved one after a slight by depriving him/her of one’s presence, begged to be written.

Never afraid of drama and in order to attain victory, the poet demonstrates the most stubborn and ineffective way of (un)resolving marital conflict.

All is well now."


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