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friends; demons

By: Christine A. Brooks


when I die 

I hope the crows come &

surround me as they

did tonight as I sat quietly at the

old picnic table under the grand American 

yellowwood tree

that grew gloriously either

unaware or uncaring that it

existed out of place

listening to the leaves


and fall gently 

one last dance

one last breath

one last chance to be brilliant

when I die

I hope the crows come

to bear witness to my

last lasts

if only for a moment


plucking out my eyes 


I tape them to my paneled walls like

grotesque paper dolls

glassy skin & barbed teeth

 malignant spirits

bards of failure


they will not be bound for long though, by

silver tape or wooden gate

so, they unstick themselves

    one by one

crawl back into my brain &

set themselves on



Christine A. Brooks is a graduate of Western New England University with her B.A. in Literature and her M.F.A. from Bay Path University in Creative Nonfiction. A series of poems, The Ugly Five, are in the 2018 summer issue of Door Is A Jar Magazine and her poem, The Writer, is in the June, 2018 issue of The Cabinet of Heed Literary Magazine. Three poems, Puff, Sister and Grapes are in the 5th issue of The Mystic Blue Review. Her vignette, Finding God, is in in the December 2018 issue of Riggwelter Press, and her series of vignettes, Small Packages, was named a semifinalist at Gazing Grain Press in August 2018. Her essay, What I Learned from Being Accidentally Celibate for Five Years was recently featured in HuffPost, MSN, Yahoo and Daily Mail UK. Her book of poems, The Cigar Box Poems, is due out in late 2019.


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