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Et Sorores

By: Caitlin Jackson

Outside a village

in the woods there is a pool

where the women go to swim.

They can talk here since,

deep in the trees their words get caught

and garbled before they reach the sky

and so their meaning will not spread.

The exclamations pause, then bounce

back to the women’s ears echoing

down through the boughs

like cathedral song pivoting to earth.

The women paddle quietly, 

cold black depths above 

and below, the air thick with words

pealing with the joy of bells.


Caitlin Jackson is a graduate of Oberlin College, where she received a BA in Creative Writing and German Studies. She also completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. She has had poems published in 2river View, Natural Bridge, The Jabberwock Review, OVS, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Scissors and Spackle. Her short story, “Swell”, was published in Painted Bride Quarterly. Her first full length poetry collection, Myths for Small Matters, was published in December 2016 by Main Street Rag Publishing.


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