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C.N.P Poetry 

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a colored glass lightbulb

By: Grace Miskovsky

it happens more from inside a colored glass lightbulb

it happens more when venus has risen over an ombre sky

when the warm air tickles me pink

when i drink conversation like syrup,

slipping down my throat

silk molasses

when the moon and tide are tied,

together with an unseen string

when the star clusters dance through and in each other

it happens more in the moments i am full

in the moments which we love for,

ones which we live through,

like i eat the sunset and there i am, completed

looking up at venus over an ombre sky

we live inside a colored glass lightbulb

and i have swallowed the earth.

we look out at what is left,

fall in love, not with nothingness which surrounds us

but with the things inside a colored glass lightbulb

and the things inside me

every big word could never mutter to itself, even,

because words chew the world to puzzle pieces

and spit them out on a coffee table.

but only i can eat the world

looking out at nothingness from

inside a colored glass lightbulb


Grace Miskovsky is an emerging writer and artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a senior at Marin Academy High School in Marin County, CA.


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