Cathexis Northwest Press

© 2018 

In Oakland

Strays streak through still air scented in evergreen, 

early spring and far-off skunk spray,

but even among friends, when all is at peace, 

it is hard to know where to stand,

so we dig through her purse, looking for a deck of cards.


Cresting the coast in staggered lines, 

we talk quietly about the colonies

of tiny homes blanketing the yellow, sea-worn stones.

A day shrinks in the roar of waves;

from his pocket, he pulls a leather-bound flask.


Tomorrow never tells the truth.

Time lays about; beautiful sun relaxes 

into beautiful moon, again and then again.

While taking cover from the light rain, 

I open every drawer, looking for a pen and paper.

Joseph Zenoni lives and works in Seattle. He calls all the best cities of the Midwest home.