All these things traveling through me still don’t bring me to you

Cristina del Canto

thorpe, england2001

Your love was like a train,
rattling down my lonesome tracks,
always homeward-bound.

One, two, three thousand miles,
(you never knew) the countless roads
I paved for you within my heart, (I never
told you)
the sparks of steel and aluminum
chambers yearning for those last looks
before you would depart,

—into the star-studded horizon I let you go,
one by one all those streets collapsed within,
loneliness settling like dust beneath my skin,

only when you were entirely gone
did I truly feel it —

and I thought of all the places you
were going, and all the places inside
me where you could have been.




Cristina del Canto's poetry has been published in several magazines and journals nationwide, in both English and Spanish. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the literary journal Blue Bonnet Review and her work can be read at Cristina currently lives in New Orleans and is working on her first novel.