Writing is Difficult

Johnny Stone



As it rains outside, as the quarter spins on the windowsill where your necklace still sleeps…




I need to write something down:


…That something is like the Moon…that love or an ocean is something on a plate that I

can push and feel and cut…that can drown…that does something specific at the height of

fall that is familiar and hurts a little.


Something floating in the middle of the ocean, maybe…


Definitely something I need better hands to write about,

because look at my hands.


Look. At. My. Hands.


Look at my hands; now look at the love in the ocean.

Close your eyes, and listen to the rain; now move the rain with a leaf.

Look at my hands, and scoop up the sleeping necklace with the leaf without wetting the



With these hands, try capturing in words the way all that makes you feel. 





Hailing from Georgia, Johnny M. Stone is an aspiring writer living in New Orleans. He tries to fit in as much as humanly possible on five hours of sleep a night.