Three Moods

Aaron Barry




    of all the days

    for this to happen…

    flow tide





you son of a bitch i hope you chokecherries





    his new goal

    to get swole—

    year of the pig






Aaron Barry is an English major, ESL teacher, and, when the stars align, a writer. While he is best known for his humorous haiku and senryu, which have appeared in such fine publications as Modern Haiku Magazine, Frogpond Journal, and The Heron’s Nest, he does on occasion move beyond those seventeen-syllable limitations to write short stories on love, beauty, and everything else his favourite Romantics might have appreciated. And like every good Romantic, when he finds himself with some spare time, he enjoys celebrating in excess, gambling with money he doesn’t have, and forming ill-fated relationships. He is currently working on a haiku collection and individual short stories and may be contacted at See more at