the field of fireflies–

Savannah Culley


gave me the urge to count them.       similar to when i was young and                       i       wished      to


add up all the jelly beans in a game of Guess How Many?     i’d                 come        close,         yet


          never        close        enough–


i once learned lightning bugs flashed to find           a       potential        match,      but


then that lead me to wonder:                        what      makes       their      light


          alluring          ?





I grew up in Portland, CT & found myself moving to Portland, OR just about a year ago. I am heavily focusing on visual arts and creative writing – there is nothing else I would rather find myself doing. I've done woodwork/carving, metalwork, printmaking, film photography & developing, wire/tissue, plaster, knapping – you name it, I've probably done it (& if not I probably want to)!

Writing is a newer direction that I am pursuing and typically I find myself experimenting with formatting and the language within my poems. I lean toward expressing emotions through experiences, while not stating the emotion – rather creating a poem where the feeling from my experiences (or perhaps, a reader's) are fostered.