The Child with the Yellow Balloon

Elizabeth Buttimer


in the park holding the string

runs up and down the hill

cackles with glee and calls

to his mother to look at him

and see the balloon bobble

on the long string to watch

air buffet the yellow shell

filled with his mother’s breath.


He calls to her look at me.

I‘m going to let it go

let it fly on the wind

go beyond the oaks

that border the park

see how high it sails

watch its yellow skin

trace the sky

reach for the clouds

head for the stars


She calls back, you know

you can’t get it back


Watch Mommie watch

he opens his hand

he releases

the yellow balloon.

she thinks

letting go isn’t

that easy.





Elizabeth Plunkett Buttimer an entrepreneur, a manufacturer and former educator she received her Ph.D. from Georgia State University and her M.S.C. and B.A. degrees from Auburn University.