Ludo Braca


A slimeslick and widening funnel

Opens its glossy maw beneath us

No matter the traction and grip

From waffled rubber soles we’re flailing

And finding it too much

To avoid vanishing downward

Along tarry walls we produce

Self-healing slashes in plastic

Mire as industrial lubricants glint subtle

Signals we don’t have time

To fathom let alone resolve

Before getting swallowed besides

Even if we could overcome the monolithic

Effort would define us so instead

We slide inside to get a better purchase



Ludo Braca's poetry appears or is forthcoming in the anthology Fragile published by Medusa's Laugh Press. He holds a degree in fine art from a now-defunct museum school in Washington, D.C. In his spare time, he takes great pleasure in the study of Classical numismatics. Ludo Braca currently lives in Austin, Texas. Visit for more.

"This poem began after watching numerous video clips detailing the manufacturing process behind various consumer goods (e.g., snack cakes, plastic cups, pencils, etc.). The astonishing quantity of items, combined with the sometimes insidious marketing tactics employed to sell them, brought on a state of queasy fascination that set me to work.

As the poem developed, questions bubbled up. For example, I began wondering about the role of manufactured allure in relation to human desire and satisfaction. At this stage, I also had to examine the peculiar tension between seduction and repulsion.

Later, it became evident that the poem's speaker couldn't possibly be alone. There is shared experience in this strange space and possibly mutual accountability as well. Theirs is a companionate, perhaps social, journey slipping down together into the sticky business."