“Grandma”; “Devotion”

Ben Pedary



the last time

we touched

we embraced

and I still sense

the warmth

from cheek

to shoulder blades


they say you passed

in a quiet slumber

I say in earnest

you never took leave

if I were to lay

at your grave

I’d sink into a hollow lot

the empty casket

could lock me in

and I’d lay there


in the crusted flora






she buried her first two children

in their infant years

then had ten more


by the time I was born

my grandmother

who once hid her

children underground in war

was widowed

her offspring grown


how does someone

who split her love

between a dozen open mouths

concentrate it all on a single child


it’s why I felt the sun

from both sides

and why the world could never

fill my belly with the same light





Ben Pedary is a poet from Los Angeles who loves live music and creative expression.

"The poems are an examination of a bond between a grandmother and the child who spent the first ten years of his life sharing a room with her. "Grandma" plays on the theme of loved ones remaining even after they pass. There is an element of magic realism with the earth swallowing the author that mirrors the mysticism inherent in the immortality he pronounces on his grandmother. "Devotion" is an examination of the love of every grandmother through the lens of an author who had all the attention of a woman who gave so much of her love away to everyone around her for decades before he was born. That kind of love filled a child's heart to the point where he never needed much else from the world around him."